Grief after the death of a loved one.

The goals of individual grief psychotherapy are the same as in the grief therapy group. Individuals who may be a good fit for a grief group may feel more comfortable in individual psychotherapy, as it provides more privacy and time to focus on individual concerns.

Individual psychotherapy is definitely indicated for individuals experiencing a greater intensity of grief and/or obstacles that significantly interference with their day-to-day functioning, or who have experienced a prolonged grief process and thus require one-on-one therapeutic interventions and a longer duration of treatment than what is available in the grief therapy group.

Family sessions are available as needed with clients working with me individually.


Grief after the breakup of an intimate relationship.

While there are differences, the grief process in response to the breakup of an intimate relationship can be as challenging as the grief process when a loved one dies. Some of the goals of psychotherapy for individuals dealing with the breakup of an intimate relationship are the same as when a loved one dies; to  honor your grief process and begin recontrusting meaning in your living without your partner.

One unique aspect of the grief process after the loss of a relationship due to a breakup rather than death, is the sense of rejection and betrayal of trust that impacts self-esteem. Therefore, therapeutic interventions are used to help individuals gain insight into and shift patterns of attachment, trust, and intimacy.